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All the mountain decor online!

  • Do you like winter sports, snow-capped peaks and wild animals? Give your decor the welcoming feel of an alpine chalet, thanks to our selection of authentic Montagne paintings. It's up to you to choose between the sobriety of a black-and-white photograph, a real-life aerial view of plexiglass or a painted reproduction on canvas of a bear family or a caribou. Tables that will find their place in your home to enjoy moments of relaxation after skiing or a family meal around a fire.

    View Plexiglass

  • Rigid and durable material dibond offers you an incredible high quality finish. The photos are printed on two heat plates linked to a solid polyethylene central plate. You will be able to admire mountain animals as if they were coming into your living room. The matt varnish finish will protect the chosen pattern very well.

  • A nice selection of photo under plexiglass to hang on the walls of your cottage. Freeride skiers, pictures of animals in the mountains, ibex in the mountains. The east side of the Matterhorn with depth and plexiglass finish for more realism gives almost the impression of a window on the peaks.

    View Mountain Paintings on Canvas

  • Would you like your interior to be more spacious and bright? You can put mirrors in your chalet or apartment: they will give an impression of greatness and bring more natural light. It's up to you to play the illusion with recycled wood items in teak that will give a precious and original character to your decoration.

  • Discover our delectable selection of kitchen wares and smart storgage solutions: pots, boxes, bottle racks, practical utensils, kitchen towel dispensers, trivets, chopping boards and more.

  • Embellish your apartment with delicate mountain touches, drawing from our decorative objects. Many pieces are handcrafted in our workshops, some are even unique pieces.

    We have selected rustic materials such as teak, copper metal or leather to create quality objects and faithful reproductions. Snowshoes, fir trees and old sleds will marry subtly in your mountain decor for a cocooning and authentic atmosphere.
  • What you enjoy most in winter, when you find your cottage in the mountains, is the moment when you light a good fire in your chimney to warm you up. For this, we have assembled practical and indispensable accessories, harmonious colors that will blend with taste to your interior. Highly resistant burlap or basketry log bags, such as the traditional baskets found in shelters. But also long matches in their leather box or the seal ash, essential near the hearth.

  • Everything you need for the table including fabric and coated tablecloths, placemats and coasters, trivets, trays, and napkin rings and holders.

  • How to preserve your memories of your best skiing moments in your favourite ski resort? Give pride of place to these slope signs, made from wood or metal, with an authentic finish.

  • To enjoy family and safe moments of cocooning, opt for the tealight holders that protect children and loved ones from the flame or the candle.We have selected for you a wide selection of candles of all kinds and sizes, to you to choose the one that suits you best!

  • For a mountain chalet atmosphere, discover our génépi, mulled wine and connamon scented, and brighten up your tables with our tealight holders decorated with either hearts or snowflakes.

  • Discover our selection of scent diffusers and sprays, with refills, for a fresh and fragranced interior.                                                                                                    Fragrances: orange, cinnamon, flowering tea, blackberry, edelweiss and ginkgo

  • Paper napkins with typical mountain scenes - grazing animals, snowflakes, stars, or stylised drawings in different colours - in short, what you need to make your Mountain Chalet table decoration unique and personal to you!

  • A selection of boxes for all your small storage needs, such as magazine holders, photo boxes, tissue boxes, sewing boxes, key boxes, etc.

    A place for everything, and everything in its place! Bread baskets to put on the table or to store the keys at the entrance, small hearts in embroidered fabrics to suspend at a doorknob or to perfume then to put in your wardrobe ... Make your choice among all these topics to make your home, the perfect little cocooning corner with a mountain decoration.

  • Very practical for hanging everything up, discover our selection of coat racks and hooks for your chalet.

  • A wide choice of mountain-themed wall decorations, including heart- or cow-shaped slates for writing messages on.                                                            A wide variety of hearts to hang individually or as garlands, as well as our selection of heart or edelweiss motif magnets.

  • Different door hangers for different rooms - bedrooms, bathrooms - available in a variety of styles including hearts and numbers.

  • Keep your home in perfect order with our range of storage baskets, available in all sizes, in wicker or metal.

  • You take pictures to capture the pleasant moments you spend with your family, but you do not always have the perfect setting to showcase them? Decorate your apartment with your best memories, thanks to frames made of natural materials such as wood or leather that will bring softness and warmth to all your shots. With a heart-shaped cup, nestled in a cottage, surrounded by an easel, your most beautiful photos will always be at your side.

  • These heart- or edelweiss-shaped porcelain handles will bring the final decorative touch to your chests of drawers and wardrobes.

  • You will never run late again thanks to our selection of clocks which will embellish your mountain interior.

  • You wish to illuminate your garden and make him more comfortable ? Lecoinmontagne possess different accessories for your garden ! From the lamp to the cushion from now on you can decorate your garden!

  • Our collection of bathroom accessories: mural soap dish in metal or ceramic, wide range of soaps and bath oils with Alpine plant extracts. You can also find hooks for your bathrobe or shelves for your cups. Discover the daily accessories with edelweiss, skiers or hearts so that your bathroom is a place that really resembles you.

  • From original shapes, rustic or rather modern, choose your favourite vase from our selection.

  • Nice things to bring a touch of mountainous decoration and more, for the day of our beautiful holidays of end of the year!

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    Magnifique massif du Mont-Blanc, peint en noir mat.Un très beau produit artisanal fabriqué dans les Hautes Alpes.Produit résistant aux...

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