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All the dishes for your cottage!

  • View our beautiful collection of tableware for your mountain-style table, including dinner, soup, and dessert plates, as well as pewter charging plates and more.
    Our ceramic and earthenware pieces come in a large selection of motifs, such as landscapes, deer, and skiers.

  • Offer in the memories of your vacation or for yourself. Lecoinmontagne.com offers a wide range of bowls, cups, small cups for coffee or tea, in a modern or more authentic style.

  • Here is our collection of glasses, for wine, water, water or liqueur! You will find your perfect glasses.

  • Discover our superb selection of small appliances special mountain! You will find raclette machines that work with a candle so you can make a raclette at the top of a summit after a hard hike, fondue machines with modern mountain patterns. Or raclette machines for 2,4 6 and 8 people to enjoy a good raclette during a cool winter evening!

    Mountain pattern, wood, stone or metal these appliances will allow you to eat with a nice mountain decoration and sober!

  • A beautiful jug in the red mountainous style, or rather glass with a modern style. You will find good ideas for making a gift or a cute item for yourself.

  • A large selection of small table accessories, glass butter dishes, glass cheese covers, jugs and egg cups...

    Combines business with pleasure...

  • You're meticulous in details? The cutleries are essential for a meal. Place to originality, elegance and delicacy with the cutleries we have find. In copper colour or in Inox, there is something for everyone.

  • From modern salad bowl to the Tartiflette plate, you will find in this selection a wide range of plates. You will be able to concoct wonderful recipes, in winter as in summer !