Sofas and armchairs to furnish your living room

  • Ideal for small apartments or studios in the mountains, choose a sofa bed that will offer the comfort of a real sleeping for two adults. In double or wider bed, all our models offer a high quality foam and an opening system that is both practical and fast. On the style side, discover our selection of contemporary materials and colors but also more traditional mountain motifs.
    Sofas rated Rapido use the Rapido® patent which has long been the most efficient, it is still a guarantee of high quality and ease. The other convertibles in this category are not left out but do not use this patent.

  • For the indoor of your chalet, you especially like to stroll with your family or to rest near a good fire of wood, after a long day of activities ... To take advantage of these moments of relaxation, we selected for you, fixed settee in very trendy colors and shapes. If you like mountain patterns or Scandinavian geometry and colors, opt for our fully modular fireside chairs and create your ideal fixed settee. Contemporary shapes and modern materials, quality foams, all our models will suit the most demanding.

  • They combine space saving, simplicity and comfort, our sofa beds will be perfect for your studio in the mountains. We have selected for you, models with different positions, large storage boxes, a good seat that changes to a double bed, on a bed base very robust. Most will offer the comfort of a mattress brand BULTEX, whose thickness will make you forget that you are lying on a sofa bed. Ideal after a good day of skiing or a long family ride!

  • Discover our armchairs and low chairs: original and comfortable, you will be charmed by our superb collection. We have found for you, colors and trendy materials so that, comfortably installed, you enjoy a good fire or a moment of relaxation to contemplate the mountain scenery. All our models meet high quality requirements: upholstery and resistant fabrics, "fine-flower" leathers, sturdy woods …

  • To save space in your apartment, the pull-out bed is the must of your interior decor. We offer many colors and patterns in the pure mountainous tradition that will give your interior a cozy cottage side. We have also emphasized the quality of bedding: two mattresses of Bultex brand thick and sturdy, easily removable, placed on bed bases very resistant slats. The trundle bed becomes a comfortable and warm sofa thanks to the cushions that accompany it.

  • The champion of space saving in your studio in the mountains is the reclining sofa. Compact and very simple to open or close, it offers a sleeping for two people very comfortable. Easily removable, comes with two matching cushions, discover a multitude of plain trend colours or more traditional mountain patterns. In a bedroom or as a sofa, the reclining sofa is an excellent compromise for tight spaces.