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Lights with mountain motifs

  • These are the spotlights we have selected for your interior decoration. Modern or authentic, rust or steel effect or simpler with deer and pines.

  • For a perfect finish to your interior design, we have a wide choice of switches and sockets. Mountain, city, nursery, bathroom decoration.... 

  • 1,2,3 ... Light up! These are our ceiling lights on mountainous themes, with one or more bulbs. Circle, square or more original, in their favour your cottage will be decorated floor to ceiling.

  • Find in this category many pendants for all tastes! Mountainous with iron chandelier decorated with small deer, pines ... Red lampshades or lampshades in blown glass for a modern atmosphere.

  • Discover our magnificent selection of wall sconces, for indoor or outdoor use. In addition to lighting your room they are a considerable asset for the decoration of your interior. In a classic mountain style, modern mountain or contemporary wall lights, you will find the applique of your dreams in our selection!

  • For the office or home, create a unique atmosphere with our lamps to install. Wooden or metal lamp stand, you can choose the lamp and lampshade set that best suits your style!

  • In wood or in metal, our collection of standard lamp is here to light up and complete your decoration. They are unique by their size and form, you will find the standard lamp which match with your style!

  • A selection of lampshades for your chalet, fabric and wood lampshades, with variations, or edelweiss a large selection of colours.

    The lampshade dimensions are in order: bottom diameter (1), height (2) and if the lampshade is cone-shaped, top diameter (3)