Set of linen for your bathroom

  • The Esprit Libre combed cotton sponge collection 550g / m² offers you everything you need for your bathroom: bathrobe, glove, bath towel, shower sheet, towel and guest towel. With this beautiful collection you can admire an embroidery representing a bear with natural colors and a horse point finish on the edge of the sponge gray blue. Available in bluish black or ivory find the color that corresponds to the decoration of your cottage!

  • A collection of blue embroidered sponges. Embroidered skiers in grey color and cabriole point finish in mascarpone colour for a modern and refined collection. Combed cotton 550g / m² or 450g / m² for the bathrobe, you will want a shower just to snuggle in your towels sponges. Its embroidered skier will perfectly complement the decoration of your bathroom in your chalet! Collection available in yellow for more sunshine!

  • Lunch Time, a collection with sparkling colors that will give your bathroom a warm and mountain atmosphere! A complete range of sponges for the whole family and guests! From the embroidered bathrobe available in several sizes to bath towel, shower or the small guest towel ... Each item is equipped with an original embroidery atmosphere ski vintage style …

  • With these 600g/m2 plain brushed cotton towels, you will be able to match your bath linen with your favourite theme. We have a range of bright and very trendy colours.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items