The Youtube Channel

The advice, as in store

Learn more about a product is not really easy online. For an important purchase like a table or a sofa bed, there are so many questions that arise.

A brief description on a site is not enough to answer those questions : why such price, what advantages, how to maintain my item etc.

The better way to answer is a video to discover more about the products we offer ! A professional explains you everythings you need to know !

Our achievements

Discover the furniture and decoration in the Lecoinmontagne way. We take you on a tour of the apartments we furnished and decorated.

Choice of products, arrangings .. To inspire you for your home!

The collections

Whether for lighting or furniture, we create short presentation videos on collections available in store or online.

You will discover in a few seconds the main products and characteristics of these collections.

Fixed and convertible sofas

You need a new sofa. But do you know how to choose it?

We aim to inform you as well as in store with Youtube.

Follow Nicolas to learn more about your future sofa!

Mountain Trending

How to efficiently furnish your home? Bedroom, living room, dining room ...

We are presenting furniture for all types of interiors and surfaces.

Table with integrated extension, bunk beds and much more!